PAID 250K CASH!!! TAKING Delivery OF MERCEDES-BENZ 4X4 SQUARED!!! FT @Tall Guy Car Reviews

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21 kun oldin

Marco el Chapo
Big willy

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Jr G
Jr G 3 kun oldin
He was in my city... Oxnard!
ITS RAERAE ALL-DAY 5 kun oldin
I purchased a 07 Camry SE today 🙏⬆️👊
ITS RAERAE ALL-DAY 5 kun oldin
Mr Organik u welcome bro . U right RIP KOBE 🙏⬆️👊😎
Dee One
Dee One 6 kun oldin
Congrats only go up from there
O. Smith
O. Smith 7 kun oldin
Lol how don you not love this guy swag 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🙏🇯🇲
Anthony Solorio
Anthony Solorio 8 kun oldin
The trucks look small next to them bc they like 6”5 lol
Ryan Hastings
Ryan Hastings 8 kun oldin
Big Big Shout outs to 3 The Muthafuckin GOD!
Matthew Freer
Matthew Freer 8 kun oldin
Yo 3 snapped at the end on y’all. Told y’all straight up.Even slim like yea this nigga the one
Avery White
Avery White 9 kun oldin
You so tuff big bro
LAXED GAMING 10 kun oldin
Don’t forget the subscribers are who put these niggas in these cars. If they can do it SO CAN YOU
Benjamin Williams
Benjamin Williams 12 kun oldin
Prop money
James Green
James Green 12 kun oldin
Can't nobody stop u, if GOD Wills it but u, so let it be written in stone. In JESUS name, Amen...
Batverine 14 kun oldin
I thought it was a Kali Muscle video
Courtney Hollingsworth
Courtney Hollingsworth 14 kun oldin
Krypticolz 14 kun oldin
Don’t stop grinding 💯
JR Warner
JR Warner 15 kun oldin
Thanks Big Pimpin...loving the new ride!!!! shout out from outside Philly!!!
Mr. Officer
Mr. Officer 16 kun oldin
Mr. Organik A Gotdamn Fool Lol 😂
JONATHAN 16 kun oldin
Salute 🔥🔥🔥🔥 keep applying pressure
House Vibez
House Vibez 16 kun oldin
I like that!
SuperChannel 16 kun oldin
Niggas is hilarious 🤣🤣
B FLY 16 kun oldin
Sometimes the bank 🏦 ain’t got enough money 💰 for the god. Sometimes I got more money thin the bank🏦 😂😂😂. Big homie said when I walk in rooms the floor crack💯. Nigga smell the aroma, niggas ask me what’s that Cologne I’m wearing. I don’t wear cologne thats my aura😂😂😂😂😂. BIG FACTS
killodollars 16 kun oldin
That respect the money track go hard 🔥🔥🔥
Black excellence
DREAL_ YT_V 16 kun oldin
How you get money fam help us get the bag😂
Brandon Oliver
Brandon Oliver 17 kun oldin
I’m just here for the drip
Hailey’s Avenue
Hailey’s Avenue 17 kun oldin
Name of the song inside the garage?
James Nickerson
James Nickerson 17 kun oldin
I’m a nigga doin this fuck a tj hunt that’s why I fuck wit u bro
BigQ 229
BigQ 229 17 kun oldin
This man went from buying a Corvette with cash to a Mercedes 4x4 with cash. 🔥 🤝
Chad Mathew
Chad Mathew 17 kun oldin
This is clickbait you didn’t pay cash you put down like 50
Craig’s LIT Channel
Craig’s LIT Channel 17 kun oldin
Who cares. You can clearly see Organic had a check to give them as well. Stop hating and focus on your own blessings rather than someone else’s dummy.
Drippie Way NYC
Drippie Way NYC 17 kun oldin
I be grinding in aircraft mechanic school, I’m going be more focus and motivation
Will Powr
Will Powr 18 kun oldin
250k cash!? 🤦🏾‍♂️
DeVante Herder
DeVante Herder 18 kun oldin
This man came along way. Stayed true to the fans and didn't let anybody discourag him. 3ofem
Kingzzkid on drums
Kingzzkid on drums 18 kun oldin
Man Organik is truly one of them ones the motivation is crazy.... I’m gone make my momma and my self proud ...thanks Champ
taku 18 kun oldin
Drug money
Lifestyle Rare
Lifestyle Rare 18 kun oldin
😂😂that financial guy is jokes slim is the realist friend ever man 😌🤝
The Underhills
The Underhills 18 kun oldin
You are the new Mr. T
Tyler McDonald
Tyler McDonald 18 kun oldin
“The bag is finna be dropped just like I do on yo head play wit me”😂 he the Goat
Kee Davis M.D.
Kee Davis M.D. 18 kun oldin
Top level that truck is nasty boi
Henry Reyes
Henry Reyes 18 kun oldin
TJ hunt really started from the bottom out of a small garage at his friends house he’s a real UZpost entrepreneur he actually has his own warehouse humble yourself that kid has way more than you of course it’s not a competition he’s not Fugazi like you he’s way ahead of you and he’s like half your age
Bee Lee
Bee Lee 18 kun oldin
Mybag pepeople for in the comment youth center not use center lol
Andre Jones
Andre Jones 18 kun oldin
Keep on going bro let nothing stop a long from rising and achieving on these pions ✅
ur dark side
ur dark side 18 kun oldin
Song @2:00??
artist jhi
artist jhi 18 kun oldin
Stop lookin and live 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾
artist jhi
artist jhi 18 kun oldin
I’ll take the rental lmao at the pull off tho . Don’t even fit yu 💪🏾
Bee Lee
Bee Lee 18 kun oldin
Bee Lee
Bee Lee 18 kun oldin
Organik organik, well here we go, time has come my brother you came a long fucking way, u out here killing the game but like I told u once before a month somth ago u a celebrity now you got the glow, but now you improve a step pass that, instead of celebrity now you a star not only a star u a shining star not only u got the glow now you got the torch brother now you got that mf lit too the way you moving so fast you go be a Rushmore by the end of next year still got steps away before getting to that point I started to similarity of Muhammad Ali in you champ not cause you were shadow boxing in last video or 1 before last lol, yall got things in common for1 the confidence factor 2 the way you speak things to existence 3 beliefs in yourself and other similarity but the main 1 thing tho about you organik that's similar like Ali you were the man before the Image most people and rappers celebrity got to become or finesse the Image before becoming the man or woman person that is, Ali had the nation's behind him you ain't have nobody behind you, u done it all al by yourself, its alot of greatest in you, you almost went off the hinges at the end of this video don't do it 3 just stay humble I know they get to you some times but hate distraction come with the game, let's talk about making different moves, in a min you starting to get to big for UZpost videos u go be retiring soon I can see it, like another year but I love watching the videos, but anyway because you the only thing we got close to Ali it come with certain type of responsibility people going to really look up to you now the kids and everything u in a different league now hold new tax bracket of greatest coming your way but at same time stay strong don't let the illuminati get to u or get in your way and try to flip you, stay strong u the people champ believe it or not alot people look up to you, u in a different lime light now in a min u probably ain't go be able to go to the grocery store do normal things like once before girls fans supporters whatever u call once you become a star they fans you surpass support status you finna have mobs of people chasing you down now it's finna get a lil crazy hate probably b a lil stronger but u b good don't let them take you out of your maturity stay humble, now with the videos I think you should which it up a lil bit I believe since you gotten so big now and your schedule finna get crazy I think this how u should do your blueprint with the videos and everytime u going up letter, like celebrity to star next step for u is super star but right now you a shining star most people become a star first but not a shining star u a shining star now I suppose to told you this about a month ago but I been so busy maybe it was a good thing cause I probably be rushing your accolades to soon and that's not good cause you got to go through all the steps can't cheat the process, I wanted to tell you slim really love you and really happy for you, u got real good nigga and people in your corner I know slim love you and loyal to you I can prove it, because I watch your relationship go through all 3 stages and yall stuck together through it, prime example in the beginning I watch the ups and downs and the 3 stages I mean it's like this in the beginning yall started off neck to neck then slim took off he was on top1st and you were loyal and happy for him now you take off and he still got that same happiness loyal for you u can see it genuine that's how I know yall relationfriendship is cemented organik u ain't go find to many people in your life like slim that's not blood that's real down like that, anyway back to the videos I believe you should do 2 videos a week now 1 you got so big u can't do regular videos know more like that now it's time for your own organik mini movies series forreal now like a hour or hour 15min long now, what I mean is this, say like on Friday nights your organik series mini movies then on Sunday do your regular video like car video or somth 30 45min long cause Sunday god day and it's an Innocent day church kids stuff like that car video somth like that on Sunday lot of people off work got more extra time on hand extra extra rateing the Friday mini movies day videos it's the weekend people free u can talk your shit or put your content together how you want it but you got to find a way to do it I been watching all the old videos and especially the king of downtown videos u got to take your hold history and put it together marinated it together some type of way and make this organik mini movie series friday nights the Sunday night car video u already know how to do that everything got to be fouce on your new Friday night mini movie series look this the blueprint Friday nights movie series Sunday night night car video then say like monday through Thursday and Saturday the days u can do features on other people videos cause you a star now people going to need help from u and that way u got your 2 videos a week and you doing 3 features a week so the people still seeing you 5 times a week u still feeding the people a lot of content but the wake is all about friday night the organik series movie show like the Cosby show waiting all week to see you, this special event and its market and set up to promote the mini movie and the next step I think you should do to cap off your legacy is too, since you wrote 2 books you should open up a gym or use center for the kids u a role model now organik use center or boxing gym gymnastics get kids off the streets that will be a real great look you will have guaranteed valuable content at all times I got comments that reached 1.5 million viewers and nobody don't even know how I look I had alot videos comments erase UZpost contacted me a few times about my comments I spent like an hour and somth writing this u know I write like mini books around this mf I remember I wrote a deep comment about brianna taylor last year after the verdict they erase it 45sec they ain't want that to get out I b like damn if my comment can reach over a million viewers and I'm not even known yet that's crazy when I start my UZpost channel it going be crazy I got a lot of followers myself I'm not in know rush tho, anyway I hop to meet you and slim 1 day organik u one of them ones forreal forreal, Quote there's know Competition cooperation or lamination damn never heard it like that before, u a real G!!! LOVE YALL STAY SAFE STAY ORGANIK LOL
Mr_Organik 18 kun oldin
Well damn lol Organik luv
EAST SIDE 18 kun oldin
Do a video on da process of taking 50k out da bank???
Malabustacie 18 kun oldin
Organik has to have a camera man .... how else we gonna see that foot work 😂😂
On7yInC7eve7and 18 kun oldin
Love to see brothas WIN
CALVIN BURKS 18 kun oldin
Big stacks on deck
JohnCarlos 18 kun oldin
That Wells Fargo in Oxnard
Eagle Weights
Eagle Weights 18 kun oldin
Keep going hard all praise to the most high
LDubzz86 18 kun oldin
This is Motivation 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯
The Destroyer is Coming TM
The Destroyer is Coming TM 18 kun oldin
Congratulations my brother 👍🏾
George Powell
George Powell 18 kun oldin
That boy 💪🏾. Blessing bro!
delonzo83 18 kun oldin
iidame iidame
iidame iidame 18 kun oldin
They friendship is unrivaled 💯💯💯
Ron Sw
Ron Sw 18 kun oldin
Juan Garcia
Juan Garcia 18 kun oldin
Congrats 🎊🍾🎉
Ace Brooks
Ace Brooks 18 kun oldin
Love these videos you and slim motivate me every day. Even more with my kid on the way. Keep y’all foot on the gas F the haters 🏁
KP KP 18 kun oldin
Ugly Benz.
Dwayne Mitchell
Dwayne Mitchell 19 kun oldin
God and handshakes. That's real.
Michael Mank
Michael Mank 19 kun oldin
Y’all remember when he threw all the money in the air when he cashed out on the vett he was activated 😂
Scuba Steve
Scuba Steve 19 kun oldin
UZpostrs blowing PPP loans.
mehdi madani
mehdi madani 19 kun oldin
I beg you to put Corey in the studio and shoot a whole music video
Miles Allen
Miles Allen 19 kun oldin
3 going crazy don’t worry u doing yo job. I’m gon be right there with you.
Ramon Hernandez
Ramon Hernandez 19 kun oldin
3 a top level individual for that talk 💯
Blair Davis
Blair Davis 19 kun oldin
What is the song at 1:17 that shit go crazy
Christian Perez
Christian Perez 19 kun oldin
Tj hunt copped that a while ago... fire brother
Christian Perez
Christian Perez 19 kun oldin
kendall williams
kendall williams 19 kun oldin
4x4 that tall shit let’s go! Check yo dm from Hls clothing bout to send you a bag 💼
D’s Space
D’s Space 19 kun oldin
Yo how tall is this guy? Sheesh!
Chris Simms
Chris Simms 19 kun oldin
One of the realist to ever do it 💯 gang
Obinna Ibeabuchi
Obinna Ibeabuchi 19 kun oldin
👌🏾of em' 💪🏾👑
Will Jen
Will Jen 19 kun oldin
That song in the beginning is on point. What's the name of it?
Don Carter
Don Carter 19 kun oldin
Alex shamoon04
Alex shamoon04 19 kun oldin
Yessiirr this nigga shittin on niggas 🔥
headcracker SilentSniper
headcracker SilentSniper 19 kun oldin
Bruh you can't have all luxury vehicles driving them around everyday get you a nice mid range vehicle to commute in and put mileage on
SaucedUp Solo
SaucedUp Solo 19 kun oldin
You might not like him but you know him. 💯🙏🏽 Talk yo shit big bro. 🕺🏽
Heat Life Gun Reviews
Heat Life Gun Reviews 19 kun oldin
I was watching for about 20 mins barely paying attention thinking he bought a Jeep Wrangler lol. Then I realized it’s a G wagon i said “damn dis nega got a g wagon, he cuttin up” i was paying attention then 😂
StephIsCold 19 kun oldin
That intro hard asf!!! Got damn!!!
Sniper Gang
Sniper Gang 19 kun oldin
Facts...even da superfly robe hard...he gone have to keep dis one for a min...gone be hard to top it
Brian Gamble
Brian Gamble 19 kun oldin
One of dem ones......🔥🏁
Marinedevildawg 19 kun oldin
Have no 😨😱🙀😨😱🙀😨😱🙀😱 .Weeeeooooooaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh. Mr Organik lifestyle is here. What up champeen? Gargoyle Gang gang. Gargoyle in a brand new whip. Damn you got that new Mercedes mane. Gang a gang gang a gang a gang gang a gang a gang gang a gang a gang gang a gang gang gang. 3 up 3 up 3 up. Come on mane. Stop playing with me mane. Come on mane. Stop playing with me mane. Legandary video joint and legendary whip purchase. Mane you paid cash on that new whip. That's how we do. Congrats big dawg. Mr Organik is a real one, no doubt. Mane we outta here champeen. Peace ✌out big brah 🙏💯.
Everyday Is Saturday
Everyday Is Saturday 19 kun oldin
Damn, son! Your music just keeps getting better and better and better... 💯
ViZionZ@BoydNet Photography
ViZionZ@BoydNet Photography 19 kun oldin
That joint ooooz’d up! #ViZionZatBoydNetPhotography
DGrow5018 19 kun oldin
3 my nigga. You are going super bananas. Check it out tho my G, you have motivated me to step out on faith and I started me a trucking company to work for myself and Manifest my own greatness. Keep going my man I’m G squad but been with you from the start seen it all. 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾🗣💨
M Pace
M Pace 19 kun oldin
I'm just waiting on that pandemic mixtape to drop....every song go hard!
Michael Thomas Sr
Michael Thomas Sr 19 kun oldin
Manifestations on big super duper! 🙏🏾
Gamerz R Us
Gamerz R Us 19 kun oldin
Not the wic juicy juice!
JApics 19 kun oldin
Fuckit Bugatti next up
Mykael ‘The Dream’
Mykael ‘The Dream’ 19 kun oldin
Money 💎s 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽 Consistent motivation
Trice Scott
Trice Scott 19 kun oldin
Bro ya intro is long asf
RCPERSUADER 19 kun oldin
👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽!!! Wake your ass up and make your mother proud!! Salute Bro!
Christian Santiesteban
Christian Santiesteban 19 kun oldin
Yoo ngl that last 5 minutes had me crying!😂 big inspirational though, I know ima be there one day.
Drew Warthen, Sr.
Drew Warthen, Sr. 19 kun oldin
BBT1099 19 kun oldin
Constant motivation 🦾
Jeremy Locklear
Jeremy Locklear 19 kun oldin
Max Pwrs
Max Pwrs 19 kun oldin
Morning Inspiration.💯 Congrats on the new purchase and your dedication to reaching greatness. Your moves are the blueprint to reaching success.
Little Tommy
Little Tommy 19 kun oldin
You mentioned Kobe, and then I see you driving without a seatbelt, accidents can happen at anytime ... wear your seatbelt ... those threads are top of the mook ... 3ofemm
Kenrick Guyton
Kenrick Guyton 19 kun oldin
Man I love u an slim relationship what I don’t love is the direction the has gone in your camera man is terrible no hate just my opinion I’m not liking u being all extra I use to watch your videos because u where inspiring an funny an having a good time now I feel like your showing off your wealth to impress someone an it’s not us but again not hating just my opinion try to hang in there hopefully u get back to hood content 👌🏽🤞🏽
Daniel Harrison
Daniel Harrison 19 kun oldin
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